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Insulation Displacement Connectors - Commercial & MIL SPEC

Insulation Displacement Connectors - Commercial & MIL SPEC

CW mass terminated Insulation Displacement Connectors are designed to provide a highly reliable, long term, connection at every position. The CW connectors feature the unique, patented TORQ-TITETM contact design that creates dual twisting and cantilever forces between the conductor and contact to assure an absolute gas tight connection. Other significant design advantages of the CW product includes ruggedness of construction, ease of assembly, integral strain relief options, choice of contact materials and plating finishes.

The complete series of DIP, PCB, Socket, Header, Card Edge and D-Subminiature Connectors meets both commercial and applicable Military Specifications and offers direct interchangeability with other industry standard Insulation Displacement Connectors.

Standardization of IDCs has been promoted and supported by the requirements of MIL-DTL-83503 and MIL-DTL-24308. These specifications have proven useful, not only by tending to increase the performance levels that IDC manufacturers strive to achieve, but by setting up general criteria that lead to predictable performance and interchangeability.

CW connectors are designed not only for reliability, but also for ease of use in many applications. Cover types for strain relief, daisy-chaining, or cable end protection are available. Light or heavy gold over nickel plated contacts or tin-lead or tin plated contacts are available to suit specific applications.
High Density Rectangular Connectors - MIL SPEC & NAVSEA

High Density Rectangular Connectors - MIL SPEC & NAVSEA

Major defense contractors rely on CW Industries for innovative connector designs and in-stock QPL interconnection products. They recognize CW as a resourceful partner with a proven track record in creating new interconnection products that meet the high density and high shock requirements of today’s sophisticated military electronics equipment.

CW Industries helped DOD develop MIL-DTL-83503 for Insulation Displacement Connectors, and our modern assembly facilities produce the industry's only MIL-DTL-24308, QPL approved IDC D-Subminiature Connectors, as well as MIL-DTL-28804 General Purpose Rectangular Connectors.

You'll find our interconnection products on major defense systems including the F-16, Standard Missile and the US Navy shipboard Phalanx anti-missile systems. CW is an ITAR registered company – M22285 and our cage code is 79727

Our technical team provides comprehensive design, development and support to enable our customers to go from product concept to production without delay, and test your products in our UL, CSA and DOD-certified laboratory. When your applications require a high level of innovation, precision, quality and reliability, contact CW Industries.

  • MIL-DTL-83503
  • MIL-DTL-24308
  • MIL-DTL-28804
  • 3164341
  • 3164342
  • 3217495
  • 3217496
  • 5189096
  • 5189097
  • 5189013
  • 5189014
CWN-71X Family

Power and Signal Combo Connectors

CW Industries Power and Signal connectors provide an ideal solution for applications requiring power and signal connections within the same base.  Our standard line of these two-in-one connectors are available with 40 or 50 signal pins and 4 power pins.

The connectors are made to withstand immersion in the solder wave at 260°C for 10 seconds with no physical or cosmetic damage, and 3 cycles (5 seconds each) of 1 R at 235°C.  The operating temperature is -55°C to +125°C.  The signal contacts are rated at 1 amp and the power contacts are rated at 3 amps.

     - Space Savings

     - Cost Savings

     - Contacts: Up to 50 signals; Up to 4 power contacts

     - Custom design and product configurations available.



CW Industries has developed a range of accessories to complement our extensive product catalog of switches and connectors. These include toggle safety covers, switch toppers, header latch kits, EMI shields, polarization keys and many other compatible products
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