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High Density Rectangular Connectors - MILSPEC

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High density rectangular connector that meets the requirements of MIL-DTL-28804 specifications.  Rated at 5 amps per contact (with a temperature rise of less than 300 C after three hours of each contact continuously conducting 5 amps).

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CCM-20-088-1010 Solder Tail M28804/11-3X Pin X 88
CCM-20-088-1009 Solder Tail M28804/11-3W Pin W 88
CCM-20-088-1008 Solder Tail M28804/11-3V Pin V 88
CCM-20-088-1007 Solder Tail M28804/11-3N Pin N 88
CCM-20-038-1006 Solder Tail M28804/11-2Z Pin Z 38
CCM-20-038-1005 Solder Tail M28804/11-2Y Pin Y 38
CCM-20-038-1004 Solder Tail M28804/11-2X Pin X 38
CCM-20-038-1003 Solder Tail M28804/11-2W Pin W 38
CCM-20-038-1002 Solder Tail M28804/11-2V Pin V 38
CCM-20-038-1001 Solder Tail M28804/11-2N Pin N 38
  Results 26 - 35 of 35 1 2 
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