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GC 536 Series Push Button Switches

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The GC536 series push button switch was designed by CW Industries for automotive interior lighting applications to mate with customer insert molded and lead frame manufactured components. The unique design of the switch enables it to be easily customized for specific customer operating force, mounting and termination requirements.

Specified by many of the leading US, Transplant and Automotive OEM's throughout the world, the compact switch design enables it to be adapted into low profile applications where space is limited.

The switch can be operated either directly by the end user or indirectly by means of a lenses or incorporated into other operating mechanisms. The switch can also be designed in a discreet wire harness by means of a unique termination arrangement using a separate terminal that can be automated as part of the wire harness assembly.

The audible and tactile response features of the switch can be customized to meet unique requirements such as "soft touch," "quiet" and "firm."

This switch is RoHS compliant and ideal for high volume applications where cost and strict quality parameters are required. This switch is manufactured on fully automated equipment incorporating state of the art manufacturing and quality assurance techniques.

Contact CW today and let our experienced engineering team design a push button switch that will meet or exceed for your specific application.

  • Compact Size.
  • Easily configured to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Wide range of termination options.
  • Various actuation forces available including soft touch, quiet and firm.
  • Simple, fast mounting options.
  • Cost Competitive.

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Operating Temperature

GC-536P-0205 SPDT ON-ON 1 A @ 125 VAC
3 A @ 14 VDC
Polyester 0.273 Female 105 ºC
GC-536P-0207 SPDT ON-ON 1 A @ 125 VAC
3 A @ 14 VDC
Polyester 0.273 Female 105 ºC
GCL-536A-0100 SPDT ON-ON Latching 1 A @ 125 VAC
3 A @ 14 VDC
Slotted .568 at Rest and .486 Latched Male 105 ºC
GC-536BQ-0400 SPDT ON-ON
Soft Touch/Quiet
1 A @ 125 VAC
3 A @ 14 VDC
Tall 0.297 Female 105 ºC
Soft Touch/Quiet/Long Travel
1 A @ 125 VAC
3 A @ 14 VDC
Tall 0.297 Female 105 ºC
  Results 26 - 30 of 30 1 2 
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