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Header Latch Kit

Header Latch Kit

Optional ejection latches for CW Header Connectors in various sizes are available, to mate with strain relief or non-strain relief sockets.
Card Edge Connectors

Plastic Key for Card Edge Connector

Positive polarization is available on all CW card edge connectors.  A polarizing key, inserted into a V-slot located between any two contacts, fits into a corresponding .037 in. slot cut into the PC board.
Plastic Key for Socket Connector - 1

Plastic Key for Socket Connector

Plastic key insertted into socket contact prevents mismating if corresponding header contact is removed.
Features of D-Subminiature Connectors-3

EMI/RFI Shields

CW's Metal Sheilds for EMI/RFI protection are designed for easy and rapid assembly to our Metal-Faced Subminiature D-connectors.  No supplemental fasteners or assembly tools are required.
Commercial IDC with Strain Relief Connectors - 1

Commercial IDC with Strain Relief Connectors

The optional Strain Relief Straps for CW Dip connector are easily installed.
Safety Cover and Switch

Toggle Switch Guard

Toggle Switch Guard to be used with the GTS Toggle switch to prevent accidental actuation.

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Toggle Family

Terminal Connectors

CW Industries has developed a range of Terminal Connectors for use with a variety of Full Size Rcoker Switches.


CW Industries has developed Toppers to go with our vast variety of Slide Switch products.
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