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Insulation Displacement Connectors - Commercial

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Socket Connectors

Socket Connectors

Socket connectors are typically used to interconnect PC boards or points on a backplane through headers or pins on 0.100 in. x 0.100 in. spacing. They feature an advanced mechanical design which includes CW's patented offset-tine (Torq-Tite™) contact for positive gas-tight cable termination. The nose end of the contact provides a long, dual cantilever for a longer wiping action and improved self-cleaning of the mating pin. The extra length also results in a longer and more reliable working life.

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Header Connectors

Header Connectors

Fully shrouded, 3 wall and low profile box header connectors are available to provide a reliable mating surface for sockets having a 0.100 in. (2.54 mm) x 0.100 in. (2.54 mm) contact spacing. The headers have male pins on their mating side and offer the designer a choice of either wire-wrap or solder posts in various lengths on the opposing end.

You can specify either straight or right-angle contacts that allow sockets to mate with headers at right angles or parallel to mating PC board or wire-wrap plane. Optional ejection latches in various sizes are available, to mate with strain relief or non-strain relief sockets.

Polarization ribs are securely molded into place, eliminating the need for gluing polarizing keys to the header base. These ribs are easily removed for applications requiring a non-polarized interconnection.
D-Subminiature Connectors

D-Subminiature Connectors

The D-Subminiature Insulation Displacement Connector is a popular standard for connecting many types of electronic equipment - computer and peripherals, instruments, telecommunications and test equipment in both commercial and military applications.

CW’s D-subminiature connectors consist of four sizes of each of two D-Subminiature types…pin and socket versions, each mating to standard 9, 15, 25 and 37 conductive cable. Interchangeable with other D-Subminiature standards, all CW D-Subminiature connectors incorporate two basic series of patents assuring contact integrity. These connectors are UL and CSA listed and are designed to meet the challenges of MIL-DTL-83503.

Our D-Subminiature connectors with metal face are ideal for input/output applications and interconnecting electronic equipment. These connectors are designed to the applicable standards of MIL-DTL-24308.
Card Edge Connectors

Card Edge Connectors

The card edge connector provides a fast means for connecting / disconnecting single, double-sided or multilayer printed circuit boards. Contact force consistency is obtained through the use of a long cantilevered contact having a minimum deflection angle and an extended self-cleaning, wiping action. These contacts ensure positive connection to the board, even when pad surfaces are irregular.

Good contact pressure is maintained with minimum wear on PC board pads, even in hostile environments, and after numerous insertions and withdrawals or shock and vibration. Available in 10, 20, 26, 34, 40 and 50 contact versions, the CW Card Edge connector is compatible with various PC board thicknesses, from 0.032 in. to 0.070 in. thick.

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DIP Connectors

DIP Connectors

The CW Dual-In-Line Plug (DIP) connector is used for rapid, permanent connection of ribbon cable to a PC board or to a standard DIP socket when connect/disconnect capabilities are required. The cover is factory pre-assembled to the connector base to simplify assembly to cable and has ridges for cable alignment. CW DIP connectors are Mil-DTL-83503/6 approved.

CW’s DIP connectors feature a one piece construction in 14, 16, 24 and 40 pin versions. Our patented Torq-Tite™ contacts ensure reliable gas-tight terminations and accept 28-30AWG stranded or solid conductors. Optional strain reliefs are easily installed.

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PCB Connectors

PCB Connectors

CW's PCB connectors feature 10, 20, 26, 34, 40, 50 and 60 pin versions and are available with or without strain relief. These accept 28-30 AWG stranded or solid conductors and are tin-lead plated with gold plating also available.

The PCB connector is used when a permanent connection of flat cable to the PC board is required. The cable is terminated to the PCB connector making a reliable gas-tight connection with CW's patented Torq-Tite™ contacts. The connector's pins are then soldered to the board.

CW's PCB connectors are approved by the U.S. Defense Department and are qualified to Mil-DTL-83503/23.

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