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Item # GS-115-0033, Micro Miniature Slide Switches

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Switch Function


Electrical Ratings

0.5 A @ 125 VAC-VDC

Actuator Style

V Shape

Actuator Height


Mounting Type

Mounting Ears Removed




Press fit


Non Illuminated



Terminal Option

Dimension A - 0.143 ± 0.010 in (3.63 ± 0.25 mm)
Dimension B - 0.043 ± 0.003 in (1.09 ± 0.08 mm)

Dimension C - 0.021 ± 0.005 in (0.53 ± 0.13 mm)

Style No. 3

Available Options
See Downloads on this page for available Actuator style and height options and Terminal types.



Type 6/6 Black Nylon


Cold Rolled Steel Plated

Housing Plating

Panel: Zinc, PC Board: Electro-tin

Terminal Board

NEMA Grade XP Phenolic Laminate

Terminal Material

Silver Plated

Moving Contact

Copper Alloy
Silver Plated

Contact Spring

Beryllium Copper
Phosphor Bronze

Performance Standards
CW switches are designed and manufactured to perform when subjected to the following conditions: Operating temperature - 104ºC ambient maximum.

Relative humidity - After 100 hours in an atmosphere having 95% relative humidity and a temperature of 50ºC, switches will be operative and insulation resistance will be greater than 100 megohms between contacts and housing, if allowed to dry for a period of one hour at 25ºC (room temperature).
Life cycling (no load) - Switches will be operative after 10,000 (minimum) cycles at the rate of 10 cycles per minute at rated load.
High-voltage breakdown - Minimum of 1000 volts RMS 60 Hz for one minute between parts of opposite polarity.
Contact resistance - Less than 0.01 ohms at 20 mA DC.

Performance specifications and materials described herein are general specification that vary depending on the switches construction specified and end application. Contact us for specifications of specific models. specifications subject to change without notice.

Care in Switch Installation
CW switches will perform properly if they are installed and used properly. Causes for failure often encountered in the field that are the responsibility of the user are:
  1. Removal of factory applied lubricants from switch contacts and moving parts.
  2. Introduction of foreign material into switching mechanism... flux, solder, cleaning materials, and potting compounds.
  3. Restriction of movement of switch button.
  4. Excessive heat often introduced while soldering.
  5. Switching loads in excess of rating.
Users are cautioned to avoid misusing switches and to test and approve switches for acceptability in end application. CW has no knowledge of and makes no representation with respect to the usefulness and/or merchantability of any product that is made to buyer's special engineering specifications.

CW Patents
CW Engineers are constantly trying to upgrade the quality and cost effectiveness of our switches. Often this results in new inventions. Switch products shown in this catalog may be covered by one or more of the following U.S. patents:
3,270,149; 3,993,881; 3,271,535; 4,404,437; 3,311,719; 4,128,745; 3,461,252; 4,410,232
Other patent applications are pending.


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Slide Switch Schematic
(PDF, 645KB)

(PDF, 29KB)

GS-115-0033_3D Model
(STP, 379KB)

Micro Miniature Button Options
(PDF, 385KB)

Micro Miniature Terminal Options
(PDF, 1129KB)

Micro Miniature Topper Option
(PDF, 205KB)

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